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      Building again in Aldinga Beach - love it :0)
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      Quote Originally Posted by katsmajic View Post
      Bloody pesks ate me alive last night - 6bites on my legs through jeans! these guys have massive teeth/snouts!
      Me too and they never normally bother me. The flies were a nuisance today - but the weather has been great, musn't complain!
      There are two lasting bequests that we can hope to give our children - one of those is roots: the other is wings!

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      Hiya Lindsey, weather has been fab hasnt it - was a bit windy on moana beach today - but at least i dried out quickly after my 1st attempt at body boarding - kids thought it was hilarious! so did the adults watching actually lol

      Flies are being pests - they aim for openings - eyes/mouth/nose/ears etc yuk
      bunnings and big w have fly zappers/uv light zappers for the garden but unfortunately they dont seem to work on mozzies...
      the mozzies at the bbq we went to last night were well hungry!

      Quote Originally Posted by andy and lindsey View Post
      Me too and they never normally bother me. The flies were a nuisance today - but the weather has been great, musn't complain!

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      Mossies are a problem depending on where you live. They breed in stagnant water so it you're by a stream, someone has a fishpond or fountain they don't look after, birdbaths, etc, you'll get a lot.

      One house can have thousands... 5 doors down none. Also depends on the wind as they get blow about a bit.

      I am one of those people that they love. Put me in a room with 100 ppl and I will be the only one with 500 bites!!!

      Things I've found out:
      • Dusk is the worse time for mossies.
      • Heat makes the bites swell and become more itchy
      • Natural anti-itch is slobber. I know gross but believe me if you one who attracts it can be due to a chemical you secret. Get a bit on your finger then dab on to bite (don't rub it in). As it dries it takes away the itch for a while.
      • Repellent: best is Avon bug repellent or the green moisturiser is just as good.
      • These also work: http://www.mosquitoclick.com/. 15 clicks will make the swelling go down, 10 take the itch away for a while.
      I use the clicker during the day when it's hot, it helps keep the swelling & itch down.
      When I first arrived 1 bit would make half my arm well up, now it's a big lump but no where near as bad. I did get Ross River a few years back so if they are attracted to you then make sure you have plently of replenent if near the Murray River or Qld as they have RR and Ensephalitis (sp.).

      FLIES!!! ah!!!! you think there are millions in the city go to the outback! I drove to Darwin earlier this year and I'll tell you.... the absolute middle of nowhere there are trillions. The idea with flies, hard but you get it eventually, is not to swat. Let them sit on you, they generally sit on your back. That way they don't buzz around your face. They also prefer darker colours so if one of you has a white t-shirt and the other blue then the blue person will get more.

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      forgot... mossies are worse in spring when the rain stops and the water places become stagnant. I have some dams on my property and they've just started. They'll be gone in a couple of months once the water dried up.

      If you're house has a water tank make sure you protect it properly from mossie, even if you don't use it for drinking. They breed like mad in them.


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