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      Lurking newbie

      Just realised the title of my thread sounds like some kind of illness but I'm going to roll with it anyway.


      Just wanted to introduce myself as I have started lurking around on this site. I'm an Aussie (and about to become a Brit) and my British husband, my one year old, and I are all moving to Adelaide in early October. I'm actually from Sydney but have spent the last 12 years here and now we have a son have decided to finally make the move home. We'd love to be able to afford Sydney to be near my family but can't so we have chosen Adelaide despite neither of us having been there.

      We are looking at renting for a while in Semaphore, Grange, Henley etc so if anyone lives around there we would love to at least get to know a couple of people to start us off....and I promise we don't bite!

      Despite being Australian there is so much I don't know so will probably be asking a million questions as the weeks tick by.

      Speak soon.


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      Welcome Sally! Only been in the UK 12 years.......................I've been 34 years here and have now decided to go home to Adelaide and probably the South of Adelaide. Don't be worried about asking questions the guys and gals on here are really helpful. Hope the move goes well ( we are planning to move next July as we want our eldest to finish his exams here and then to take some more when we get over there lol)
      Here and settled

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      34 years. You are a trooper!

      Thanks for the welcome. I'm sure I will see you round.

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      Hello and welcome :)

      I'm married to an Aussie and we are planning on returning to Adelaide as its his hometown. Luckily and I love it there also.

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      Hello and welcome - Like Misplaced said there are some really Knowledgeable folks on this site, I have found it a goldmine of information and advice.

      Good Luck with the move.


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      Hi Sally

      Grange is a fab The primary school is very well regarded henley is nice I prefer the south and fulham as much better for transport and schools west lakes shore nicer than semaphore although beach front is nice. of all its Grange for me like it that much I'm buying my first home there and have done loads of research on all the areas you mentioned

      good luck with your move x



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