I've posted here before, I was offered a job with CNAHS as a mental health nurse March of last year...wavy lines/ much paperwork...I now have a visa :-)
This has been an endeavour a good five years in the planning, I am mindful of the phrase "Be careful of what you wish for, it may come true". Having said that I have always wanted to see Oz so it really is a dream fulfilled. I know it's not going to be all gravy, and there will be problems I have not even considered yet... but what a result!.

I'm a single chap in my early forties, like the outdoor life, fishing, mountain biking and boarding, camping and so forth. This has been the real draw for me...tired of being unable to stretch my legs in the UK where it seems all the land is owned and fenced.

I will be flying over first thing in October this year, have somewhere to stay for a few weeks before I sort out something more permanent. Will be a busy first week racing around finalising some docs, finding a long term place to live etc etc.

Just wanted to say hello again, and looking forward to integrating into Aussie life.