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    Thread: Another newbie!

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      Hi all, Can anyone tell us what age the kids start secondary school? Some poeple have told me 11 and other say 12. My eldest daughter is due to start secondary school here in Wales in September and is dreading the thought. We are hoping it's 12 so she could go to primary school in Aus for a while with her sister just so she could settle in as moving to Australia and starting secondary school sounds daunting for anyone! Paul& Lonra.

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      Just wanted to say welcome to Martin & Karen

      Also congratulations Paul & Lorna on the TRA result, well done, another tick off the list :)

      I read a bit about schools as my eldest is 11 in October. In the UK he would go up to Yr6 but as the term starts at the end of Jan 08 in Aus he will either resit Yr5 or go into Yr6 - either way he stays up to & including Yr7 so he will be at least 12 I imagine.

      We are in same position as you with the thinking as our youngest is 6, 7 this year & we wanted the same outcome ie both in school together at primary for a while to help settle

      I am sure someone already with children this age in Adelaide will confirm back to you shortly

      Good luck
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      Hi Guys,
      with regards to high school they don't go till 12 or 13.

      My daughter was born in Jan 96 and she is in year 6 now so still has to do 2 years more in primary.

      If we had still been in uk she would have been going to secondary this september (very scary thought)

      I think its much better here for the kids that they do lunger in Primary.


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      Thanks Angela and Liz, thats really helpful. Makes me feel a little bit better on them both going to primary together. Hoepfully we will be out in Adelaide about Sept/Oct, if all goes well of course. Lorna.


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