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    Thread: Kiwi UK citizen coming over! Hopefully...

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      Kiwi UK citizen coming over! Hopefully...

      Hi Everyone!

      My name is Matt and I am hoping to be in Adelaide soon with my Fiance Claire.

      I was born in the UK, but raised in NZ since I was 3yo. For the past 3 years, I have been in the Philippines and India managing Health Clubs. Now back in NZ to see family, while I wait for my Visa.

      The company that I will be working for in Adelaide, arranged an agent that submitted the 457 application on June 27th. They received the medical reqs on July 3.

      I was meant to travel to Adelaide to start work on July 13th, but still waiting and getting a little nervous.

      Looking forward to getting to Adelaide! It looks like a beautiful city.

      All the best,

      Matt & Claire
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      Hi Matt, where abouts in NZ are you from. We lived there for a few years and I did my post grad teaching at Otago uni in Dunedin. Best of luck with the move. Least you don't have to do the mega flight like the rest of us!

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      Hi Becci,
      I'm from Auckland. We moved here to NZ back in 1982 from Norwich.

      When are you guys going to Adelaide? Is your Visa through?

      Yep, just a short 4.5hr flight.

      Catch you soon.

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      Hi Matt we are also in NZ, emigrated from the Uk seven years ago and now going to Adelaide next year. Just wondered why you needed a visa for Aussie, wouldn't you have NZ citizenship if you have been here since you were three?

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      Still on UK passport. Never got round to getting my NZ Citizenship. Damn it!

      Heard from the Agent, she said that its currently taking from 3-6 weeks. I'm meant to take over a rental property tomorrow that has been held for me and paying health insurance from today. I'm sure all will work out.

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      To be honest, you're probably better off going the visa route if your company is willing to do this. Are they willing to sponsor for a permanent visa in the future?
      Being PR is definitely more secure than the wishywashy agreement that the kiwis gets. Yes they can work in any jobs over here, but they're not entitled to a lot of the stuff that PR people get.

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      We will stick it out for the 457 Visa, and hopefully the company will sponsor us for PR if Im a good boy. Fingers crossed!



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