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    Thread: Things we must do while in Adelaide

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      Things we must do while in Adelaide

      Hello All
      We are going on a 2 week reccie on the 14th feb 2008' Its Not Long
      And we dont want to miss out on anything, can you all give us things that are a must.
      Recommend where to see wild koalas, Kangaroos, Great days out, Restaurants, views
      All info will be greatly received, also it may be good to have a few meet ups.
      Many Thanks Phil, Tracy, Josh, Abi:D

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      Rob and Clare
      Hi Phil, Tracey and the family,

      When we first came to Adelaide I thought there wouldn't be much to see, but there is quite a lot here to do.

      To see animals the zoo is fairly cool in the city, and then there are 2 wildlife sanctuarys in the hills (Cleeland and Gorge, Cleeland is probably the best) and you can feed the kangaroos / wallabies here, and there is monarto zoo, which is like a safari park (but more african animals than australian). Also you could go to kangaroo island (have a look at sea link ferries), there are so many koala's there they have to be de-sexed, and you can have a guided tour of seal Bay with the sea lions (but they have had bad fires this summer and a 1/3 of the island was damaged). THere is also a night walk on Granite Island just by Victor Harbour to see fairy Penguins coming ashore (sorry called little penguins now in case it offends). A dolphin cruise on sunday in port adelaide is pretty good, and dead cheap, but also give you a good backgroud to the Port area.

      Also a trip up mount lofty is good to see the views over adelaide (right by cleeland animal park).

      A drive up to the barossa vally to look at the major wineries is nice too, the towns up there are very quaint, there is also the whispering wall there.

      Beaches are endless, the safest for families i think are the northern ones (semaphore, largs bay) as you can paddle out some way before it gets deep and there are less rips, but the southern ones are better for surfing, places like moana beach and Goolwa you can drive onto the sand.

      The city is good too, with a trip on the popeye boat along the torrens, or if your energtic you can use the peddaloes (don't think they're called that, but i can't forget holidays in spain), see the black swans, there is an aborginal museum on north terrace in the city, and an art museum, plus the city is a great place to wonder round, catch the tram to glenelg, and there you can go on a jet boat ride or even swim with Dolphins from the marina. Also in glenelg is a place called the beach house with water slides, mini golf and a ferris wheel. There is another fun park in Semaphore, with out door water slides and other attractions.

      To eat : In glenelg at the holdfast shore marina there are a host of restaurants, and they are all good with a great view of the millionaires yachts, some good pubs too include the Tap Inn (near the city in Kent Town) family friendly with a great menu, even hit a few balls on the golf range their too, the bombay bycicle club is great too (just to the north east to of the city), but to be honest most of the cafes give you massive portions with friendly service and it's not expensive.

      We can get a book here in adelaide which saves you money on many of these attractions and resturants, you can have some of the vouchers if you want when you arrive, we won't use them before the next book is out in june.

      Phew... I hope that's enough to start, there will still be some great things i've missed, so have a great holiday....
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      Hiya Phil & Tracy,

      Sorry if this sounds like me being nasty but surely if you'll only be here for two weeks and it's, as you call it, 'a recci' then wouldn't it be wiser to use those two weeks to check out area's to live, houses, schools, Dr's etc.....

      You'll have a whole lifetime to look at roo's and koala's and two weeks isn't really very long to look around and get a feel for the place.

      Sorry, just my opinion and no offense meant.

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      Perhaps look at various day tours to get ideas of what places they visit (gives you an idea of what there is to see), then check out each of those places to see what appeals to you as a family. Take a drive through the Adelaide hills, there are a lot of little towns e.g. Hahndorf. What is a must see will also depend on whether the children are going too and what their ages are.

      Dont see any reason why you cant combine your reccie visit with touristy stuff.

      So for example if you plan to go to see the wildlife park, do a bit of a tour around and see what the suburbs are like en route, could you see yourself living there? Arrange meet ups with people who have already made the move and who have similar aged kids that will help with on the spot advice with regards to schools, shops etc so you combine social and info gathering. You could research work issues in the morning and then use the afternoon to go to the beaches or other places of interest.

      Perhaps put a list together of things you need to investigate with regard to the move and things that are strictly touristy holiday type activities and see where you can combine the two. That way you can maximise the time and still get a good holiday out of the trip.

      Above all enjoy the time, this may be your new home so get a feel for all parts, work, schools, housing and also the fun activities so you as a family feel comfortable with the decision you make.

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      enjoy it

      Quote Originally Posted by adelsparks View Post
      Hello All
      We are going on a 2 week reccie on the 14th feb 2008' Its Not Long
      And we dont want to miss out on anything, can you all give us things that are a must.
      Recommend where to see wild koalas, Kangaroos, Great days out, Restaurants, views
      All info will be greatly received, also it may be good to have a few meet ups.
      Many Thanks Phil, Tracy, Josh, Abi:D
      Phil, Tracy, Josh & Abi,

      You made us so jealous at the meet talking off doing the reccie, i know how how much we enjoyed it and now cant wait to get there!

      My advice to you on the reccie would be to get off the plane with a totally open mind and not just be drawn to things that have been said as its only you can decide what and where you go. The main thing we found that was a benefit to us was to drive round seeing areas and getting a feel for what life will be like. Where the local amenities are and looking round at the development where the works is liable to be.

      It was nice to do a little tourist thing which we combined with a general looking round.

      If you get there with an open mind and arrive with no expectations of what it is like i am sure you will love it once you find your feet. Just dont be put off by the first thing you see is IKEA when you come out the airport
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      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

      Arrived in Adelaide 14th June 2008

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hiya Phil, Tracy, Josh, Abi.

      The missus and me went last june and had an amazing time at cleland, the gorge, adelaide zoo and monatro and lots of other places.
      Buy your tickets for monatro at adelaide zoo and save your self a packet.
      Go for a drive down to victor harbour and granite island for the night time penguin walk "great fun".
      As for somewhere to eat; anywhere on Gouger street or go into the market also on Gouger street.
      For good beer try the Irish Bar on King william street but be warned it COLD BEER.
      We asked the hotel staff and police about which are the dodgy areas and which are the better ones to live and got some great adviceand now we have decided which are we want to look at moving to.
      Everyone we met were really friendly and helpful.
      Good luck on your reckie / holiday hope you have as much fun as we did and gain as much info about the place as we did.
      Matt and Mandy (magicsprout0

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      :DHi Guys , this is an odd one but this would be my choice.
      Drive to Old Noarlunga following the river in land, park in the small car park next to the river....turn around....................then cross the road towards the info area.........turn right and walk 50 yards along the river............you then come to a foot bridge ......cross the bridge.........look up to your right and there is a steep hill...........walk up the hill only takes 5 mins........sit at the top...........This in my mind is where I sat and said to myself..........................

      Australia is where I want to be.....told you it was an odd one , good luck on your reccie if we exchange soon we hope to be out there by then and we will catch up for a beer .
      Cheers Graham & Jacqui

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      well before you go to oz you must watch 'wolf creek' film its about australia...but when you do make it try the indoor gun range (cant remember where it is) 4 guns 100 bullets 60 or parachuting in lowerlight from 12000ft is a must if that dont tickle your fancy why not go to the beach as thats where you will spend most of your new ozzy life...


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      i was going to post the same question as i am coming to adelaide on 19th feb, cant wait, to do a reccie taking my 13 year old daughter too, BUT she has no idea as yet, going to surprise her a couple of days before. (You might here her joyious screams over there!!)

      thought the info about the place and keeping an open mind really useful and have noted down the places of interest. thanks

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      Hi, we hope to come mid march April and should have a few weeks before starting working, so useful to note all the places to see should time permit after house hunting /school hunting.Perhaps will hire a car for a first couple of weeks and drive around.still hoping for a response to my question on areas close to tea tree gully.

      I realised I haven't introduced myself, I'm Jyothi, my husband is Ramesh and daughter is Trishna, I've wound up here though I'm not actually British, am an Indian who's lived here for over 10 yrs and now decided to move as NHS is looking dizzy!


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