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      move to Adelaide from the UK in 4-months


      I'm not sure what im hoping to get from posting on here other than some advice from people who have been through the same thing.

      Me and my partner are moving to Adelaide in January (well were 95% sure we are)

      He grew up there but moved over here 10 years ago. His industry is rubbish here and he's been offered a good job over there.

      His thoughts are that everything is cramped over here, that the crime and unemployment rates are high and thinks Adelaide is a better place to bring up a family (future plans - there's just the two of us at the minute)

      Ive been looking for work with mixed response. I work in health/prison health which is quite a specilised area and i dont have nurse registration to fall back on.

      On paper im all up for it and if nothing else its an adventure but im worried i wont find work and also that i'll be lonely all that way from home.I ahve a big family over here who im really going to miss.

      How did other people find it and what's adelaide like?

      any advice gratefully received

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      Hey Lucy

      Welcome!!! I can really empathise with your perspective as like your OH I grew up in Adelaide and now as I'm getting older and have also met a partner from Adelaide I want to move there and also raise a family.

      There is lots of information on this site you will find useful about jobs and careers. Can I ask if you are a support worker or what your role is in the prison? I briefly worked in forensic mental health as an Assistant Psychologist and am also finding the career structure a little different in the UK and would be willing to chat about it sometime if you like


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      Hiya :-)
      I'm a manager, currently running a prison health dept but prevsiouly worked in the community in various capacities. Problem is i'm not a nurse by background which isnt so much of a problem here, i have clinical leads who do all the clinical aspects but im not sure how that would translate.
      Ive also worked in behaviour change programs, predominantly around offedning behaviour & substance misuse.
      How does the health service operate over there? Is there an equivaent to the nhs? I found some jobs on a site called south australia health i think

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      Hi Lucy - I've moved your thread to the Welcome section (it was in the Moving Back to the UK section before) where you'll hopefully get more people viewing it. Hope that's ok Oh, and welcome to the forum....
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      I'm sure you'll get a job. Health professionals always needed. :-)

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      thanks guys. I applied for a job a couple of weeks ago and things seem positive so far. :-) looking all set to move in Jan :-)



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