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      Post need urgent help please....

      hi everyone,

      i'm just new int his forum..... as i've read the articles here, i am convinced that there are many concern people here willing to help anyone asking for assistance.............. so i am trying to reach anyone who can help me on how to apply for ahpra or be able to go to australia and work..... i am a registered nurse here in the philippines........... i've been scanning over and over ahpra.gov.au for weeks now yet still don't know where to start or how the process goes........ can i ask someone who can give me instructions, like step by step on how to do that??? please anyone help.... i would like to process everything on my own including ahpra application, visa and job application or school application( if needed) as i do not have enough funds to pay an agency to do all these for me............ and if anyone can suggest the cheapest way there isit would be highly appreciated........... can some one please respond to me, my ielts will expire early next year........ badly need to process everything fast and if possible within this year............. anyone please help

      oh, btw, i would also ask for same information for my friends, if you can please provide options and instructions for registered nurse with no clinical experience and non-registered nurse..... i sincerely apologize for asking too much information, as i have no more choice left, oi am solely relying on this for answers......... please help.... thank you
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      Wow, you want a lot of info Not just for yourself but friends. I'm sorry but I don't have experience with what you are asking so am going to suggest you try elsewhere in the hope it might be of more use. Check over on our sister site PIO. Its well worth a look around and has lots of info on the subject posted.

      That you want so much info and help might be offputting for people to reply in detail or people might only be able to give you short answers. I strongly suggest you have a read over there, use the search function to research the subjects and info you require and good luck. Find as much info as you can and then ask the questions you haven't found the answers to.


      Good luck :)

      (of course, somone may well reply here later but for now to get you started PIO is a good bet)

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      thank you so much for the info snifter........

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      You may find it helpful to go through a nursing agency, such as Geneva or O'Grady Peyton. Not sure if they offer services in the Phillipines though. For a permanent visa you would need to have your skills assessed by th ANMC, they will forward your file and certified documents to AHPRA if you request this. Take it from there......
      Rmhn, hubby carpenter

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      thank you tean....

      if there is any other option you can suggest please feel free to do so, it will be highly appreciated.... thanks you



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