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    Thread: Hello Everyone!

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      Thanks Sue and congratulations on getting your visas last week....good luck with the house sell...let's hope the market picks up a little with 'spring' around the corner! You'll be booking those tickets before you know it!

      Keep in touch!

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      Welcome M & L,

      Keep posting and you won't be a Junior for much longer.


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      Thanks Pete - we've clearly got quiet a way to catch you up! Happy posting!


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      woody crew
      Quote Originally Posted by WhiteleyPoms View Post
      Thanks Woody Crew......good luck with your visa process too....it's a long old process so hang in there!
      hi whitley poms,
      the process seems alot longer than everyone thinks, you are ahead of us, so its good to know rough times, have you sold your house and ready to go as soon as you get the go ahead! are you all excited, how are your kids feeling, my kids are around the same age as yours. keep intouch, be good to know how you are getting on when you get there.
      do you know rouighly where you will be living yet!:o
      woody crew

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      Hi Woody Crew - thanks again for your reply. We haven't sold our house yet. We got the paint brush out last year in preparation and plan to put it on the market as soon as we get our visas....hopefully in early spring. Let's hope the market picks up a little.

      We just want to get on with things really....the wait is frustrating when you have made up your minds you want to go (and lots of people keep asking - haven't you gone yet!!)

      We are excited although it's still a bit scary to think we are giving everything up in the UK...for the unknown! We will certainly miss our close families...never been too far away from them and we see them regularly. That will be hard but hopefully we will meet and make some good friends in Adelaide!

      The kids are looking forward to it generally. We just hope to settle them into good schools asap. We are sure they will miss their friends initially.

      Not sure where we shall live just yet...probably rent to start with. We looked at the southern suburbs last year so probably around there - not too far from a good beach hopefully.

      How about you.....do you have a house to sell / know where you are going??

      Keep in touch....we'll let you know hoe the visa progresses!



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