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      So many questions- please help!!

      Hi all,
      I was hoping some of you lovely folk would be able to help.
      My husband and I (28/25) are seriously considering making the move to Adelaide in the near future to follow my brother, his wife and our niece, who made the move in July this year (and we have separation anxiety
      I am currently a high school English teacher (on my 3rd year) and my husband is an implementation manager for a scientific procurement company. We both have degrees and I have a postgrad in teaching and am starting CIPD in coaching and development.
      We were wondering:
      A) would we secure permanent working visas
      B) the likelihood of us securing work when we arrived
      C) In an ideal world I'd love to have a job prior to arriving; do schools sponsor overseas teachers or dingbat prefer it if you are in the country before offering work?

      We were also wondering whether the working holiday visa would be a valid option. Is there any way this could turn into a permanent visa should the companies we're working for offer sponsorship??


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      I am a college lecturer and i have friends who send me job newspapers etc, there tends to be a few teaching jobs advertised, the websites have good information about teaching, look at teaching in SA and it will link you to other sites. it can very difficult to have a teaching job in place or offered, but if you have a visa ready you may have a chance but they can be very difficult offering jobs to people who are thinking about emigrating. I emigrate in 2012 and i am already looking, after xmas i hope to have my qualifications and skills looked at and given some advice and guidance. I do know some people who have gone over on those job swap for like a year. to have a teaching job you need to have a permanent visa from what i already know from researching. sounds like your husband is in a good position though. I would contact a consultant for advice on both of your positions.



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