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    Thread: Police Officer Migration Questions

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      The Norsworthys

      Police Officer Migration Questions

      Hello, I am new to this board and we are looking into the big move to Adelaide. The plan being for me to join the SAPOL, they should be recruiting again in 2008.
      Can i start visa preparation prior to this or should i wait until i am accepted by the SAPOL?
      Has anyone done this?
      Mike Norsworthy :?

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      We're in Australia because my hubby joined the RAAF, they had to satisfy DIMIA that the position couldn't be filled by an aussie, simply because no aussies were interested. Once they had DIMIA's approval to employ my hubby the RAAF did everything for us, they told us when to fill out the visa apps, when to sort out the medicals, they sorted out and paid for our removals, flight's and accomodation, basically they had complete control over our lives for about 12 months, they were also our official sponsors.

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      Hi Mike

      Welcome to the forum :lol:

      Have you come across the SAPOL website? http://www.sapolice.sa.gov.au/sapol/...recruiting.jsp

      They have lots of info on their regarding their international recruitment and you can register your interest for their next recruitment drive from the UK.

      There are a couple of members on here going through the process of applying at the moment so I am sure they will be on later to help you out.

      Sorry I can't help more with your questions but I have never done this myself so can't help I'm afraid :D


      ps - forgot to ask where in Devon are you - we live in Exeter, well for the next 6 weeks anyway :D

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      The Norsworthys
      Hi we are in Torbay

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      The Norsworthys
      Thanks for the above link, I had already found it though and registered my interest, that is how I found out when they are next recruiting.
      thanks for your help anyway
      great site

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      OH will get back to you


      OH is waiting nerve wrackingly for Friday when the results of the sift for 2007 are out. If you get through the sift, then you go to London for psychometric testing and if you get through that, back to London for an interview. If you're 35 or over you have to have an ECG to check that your heart isn't going to pack in when you get threre. Oh and there's a physical somewhere in the middle of all this.
      OH had to have his application in by 22/02/07 and the training courses for this intake begin September '07 and March '08. If he's sucessful, we'll know on 01/06/07 leaving us only 3 months (if we're on the September course) to pack up and sell everything.
      He had to provide copies of exam qualifications, birth cert, driving licence, sick record, First Aid cert, commendations and complaints, medical from family doctor, cv and give reasons for wanting to move (might have forgotten something but OH will email you tonight to fill you in). You can email, fax and post the application but if you do email or fax you have to post a photo of yourself. Its probably a good idea to find things like your exam (O level) certs in advance of the advert coming out as these can take a while if you require duplicates and do cost rather a lot for duplicates.
      SAPOL request at least 3 years experience of serving with the UK police.
      Hope this helps you and anyone else thinking of applying. As you can tell, I am living and breathing this application until we know the final outcome. Been to the park with my 5 month old and 2 year old today and it takes me half an hour just to get them dressed and out the door. It surely can't take that long when all we'll need is shorts, t-shirt and a sun hat.

      Fingers crossed for Friday. OH will be in touch.

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      I forgot to say that you don't do anything about visas until you've heard if you've been accepted by SAPOL. They deal with DIMA directly and I don't think they'd offer you the job if your visa application would be turned down.

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      Anyone interested in obtaining a transfer to SAPOL should also look at www.police-forum.com as it is used by almost all who have made the leap or are looking to do so. There is loads of good stuff on there and I'm sure you will find it very helpful.


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      Alesia & Leigh Valentine
      If anyone has any information regarding the next international intake please let me know :o)



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