Dear All,

First off a big thanks to all who have posted on here as I've found it a really good resource to find out opinions and information about the city. I'll be moving to Adelaide permanently with a full-time University job waiting for me to start. I see quite a few people asking advice about where to live, which probably depends quite a bit on your personality and needs. From a more practical perspective, what is the best way to go about finding housing? I have been checking on the site to find places, which has been quite useful to get an idea of prices and locations. If people know of other means to find housing I'd be really curious to hear.

Also, leaning on the experiences of people having moved before, are there things that one typically has forgotten or overlooked before moving? Certain things about Adelaide it would be good to know for a newbie prior to landing in Oz?

Just trying to get a feel for the dos and don'ts of the move.

Thanks in advance for any replies.