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      Dream life down under?

      Im new to this site but thought i'd share my experince of living in Adealide. We arrived approx 18 months ago me my partner & 4yr old son.
      We rented a lovely cabin in Christies beach until our container arrived. We found the people extremely friendly, weather hot & a beautiful place to raise our son.
      My partner had a job as a nurse within 3 wks & i was happy to relax on the beach waiting for my son to join kindy. After 3 months i found employment on the first attempt & everything was perfect! we found a lovely rental close to the beach, bought new cars, & started to settle in our new country.
      We sold the house in the UK & decided to purchase a home in Old Noarlunga which is a great place to live.
      Unfortuneately as we have been busy with our lives we have not really met many friends & found our time was spent working & bringing up our son. We were like ships in the night & rarely saw one another always on different shifts! My partner has now decided to leave our home & find somewhere to rent.
      I'm now in a position of not knowing what to do with life? i love the place & don't have a desire to return to the UK, but at least i had friends to talk to!
      I'm nearly 50 yrs old & feel sad that things have turned out this way but hope they can only get better? I know there are many Brits who have had a better start to life down under & in no way do i try & put people off coming here! I wish you all every success. On the positive summer is around the corner & there are great beaches here.



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      Quote Originally Posted by andyd View Post
      I'm now in a position of not knowing what to do with life? i love the place & don't have a desire to return to the UK, but at least i had friends to talk to!
      It's very sad when a family migrates somewhere with all their hopes for the future, only for things to take a turn for the worse as they seem to have done in your case. Good to see that you're being very positive and fair about the place despite what's happened.

      It's not easy building a new circle of friends in a new place, but quite a few on here who'd be happy to grab a beer/coffee and provide a bit of social 'get away' time - me included.

      Good luck, Jim

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      It's a really tough life experience to go through, this migration thing, and it's bound to cause a few casualties along the way I guess, but I'm so sorry it had to happen for you. I think if you look at the alternatives, going back to the UK would mean missing out on seeing your son grow up, which I would think is a pretty major consideration and a big minus set against the plusses of having old friends nearby. Don't give up on the dream just yet - you've made the first step by putting yourself out there, and I'm sure there are loads on the forum (and off) who are keen to get out and about and meet new friends. You may not click with them all, but in amongst the coal you just may find one or two diamonds, so keep at it, and don't sit at home on your own.

      Wish you all the best, and do keep posting... it's a good thing for a forum like this to show the downsides as well as the ups of the Big Decision, but hopefully you'll get through it and come out the other side with bigger and brighter things on your horizon.
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****



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