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      Question where do i start

      Hi people

      Me and my partner have been wanting to come out to Adelaide since we got together 5 years ago and now we have just got married we have decided that it is now or never

      My wife is a very high level nurse who is gonna be screwed by the NHS here and we need to know where to get going to begin with arranging to get out to SA

      I keep reading different sites and my head is spinning with so much forms and processes to complete i don't know where to start

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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      I remember the feeling well its so daunting ! We took first step of ringing an agent and getting information from him. Some people do it all by themselves but we wanted security of an agent. Just take each twist and turn as part of the journey . It is incredibly stressful but worth it. We arrived 14 October 2010 and absolutely love the lifestyle, the people , the beautiful beaches the list could go on. If you go into it accepting it will be a difficult process with many ups and downs then you will be better prepared for it. Make sure if you use an agent that they are registered.

      Good luck and just take a deep breath and go for it


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      Jane & Tony
      Know the feeling.
      We used Ian Harrop and Associates, in Oxfordshire. They do a free phone assesment then you visit with them and they don't start charging untill after that.
      They were absolutely fantastic. Ian is an Ozzie and he used to work for the Australian government or something like them. Have a look at his website.
      www.ianharrop.co.uk can highly recommend them.
      Good luck. x

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      Hi Hawklords,

      There is only one way to eat this elephant - one bite at a time!

      If you think your case is not complex, don't be too quick to hand the money
      over to an agent.

      First work out what points you have.

      If you meet the criteria then go ahead and get the skill assessment completed
      right away.

      If you need to get extra points through Ielts language test, get it booked.

      Then sit back and keep an eye on this forum and you will learn everything else
      you need to know!!!

      Once you have your skill assessment etc get cracking on your State Sponsorship
      app (if you need the extra 5 points) and you will be surprised how much of the
      data you already have ready.

      This is my view of things, but then I am still early in the process as I am
      waiting on confirmation of state sponsorship.

      Re agents - if possible talk to them at the various expos. However, many of us
      have had mixed experience with these. With agents research, research, research.

      Have fun.

      IrishStew (OH)

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      just ask lotsa questions about anything i am sure that someone will have an answer for the questions you may post, this place is a wealth of information....be a more precise about what you need to know...and you be right.....

      Enjoy the start of the roller coaster.....


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      Hi, we used an agent, like the jordanfamily we wanted the security of someone else who knew what they were doing. Now having been through the whole process and on our way in 3 weeks (!) I think we could have perhaps done it ourselves but thats easy to say now! We used Go Matilda who were absolutly brilliant and would answer any question no matter how small or insignificant it was. They were all very helpful and supportive throughout the whole process and I would highly recommend them if you do go through an agent. There is no harm in getting an assessment from an agent to see if you qualify then if you feel you can do it on your own I suppose you could. It is a long and hard road but as everyone on here has said, just take it one step at a time and dont think it will happen overnight. Once you start the process be sure that it is what you really want as it doesnt come free!

      Most important information I feel I can give you is stay on Pomsinadelaide!! It is our absolute lifesaver and everyone on here has been mega mega helpful and friendly. It seems there is always someone on here that has had or is asking the same question that you are and the wealth of information is fantastic.

      Good luck with your journey!!


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      Hi there,

      this is my first post, but I just wanted to offer my story so far. Also, I second what IrishStew said.

      I've been emailing an agent for 2 years, back and forth, trying to find a way of getting me to SA. He was trying to put me through as an Office Manager, which is not my job, but he thought it was the closest match, provided that my employers were flexible with their description of my job (!). Then SA took Office Manager off the list and I thought my Aussie dream was over. Anyway to cut a long story short, I did some research of my own, found another job title which matched mine more closely (projects and program administrator). I spoke to a different migration consultant, who confirmed this was the best route for me, and I'm now doing it all by myself! The original agent was going to charge me £1000, so I've made a big saving.

      I would say that if you think your case is not too complicated, then do the research and go for it yourself, and perhaps go to an expo or ask an agent, to confirm that you're going about things the right way. I've been lurking on pomsinoz and pomsinadelaide for ages now, and that's where most of my knowledge has come from!

      Good luck!

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      Hi, we did it by ourselvers, our case was not complecated. I would say read the DIAC booklets - I suppose booklet no. 6 is the right one - they explain everything in a quite good manner. After reading and some questions we rang DIAC and I can say from my experiences they were very helpful and friendly. They answered all our questions and the most important thing is that the information given were first hand! And oh I forgot: English is not my mother tongue and we got through the whole visa process without difficulties. I also recommend pomsinoz, the sistersite from here. The agent we phoned once at the beginning went bankrupt, so we had to do it by ourselves (he took the money of many applicants and some original papers without doing anything for them we read on the Internet later) BE CAREFUL. Good luck!



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