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Hello everyone!

I'm new here, although I've been lurking for quite some time, and I've posted a couple of times on Pomsinoz. I'm Danielle, I'm 32, and I'm really hoping to move to Adelaide in the (near) future with my husband Dave and our babies Brody (2) and Summer (7 months).

I've just sent off my application to VETASSESS, and I'm going to see if I can get on an IELTS test within the next month or so. Then it's wait nervously for my results before I can apply for State Sponsorship (and eventually 176 visa)!

I am looking forward to chatting to you all, and hopefully meeting up one day in Adelaide!

Best wishes

Hi! Glad to see you! So, you're at the very beginning of the great way to Adelaide! Sure, you'll get the best in you IELTS (I sat this exam three times :)), and, finally come to South Australia! Your things looks like our one, we have 2 kids too (5 and 3 yo), but our plan is that I'm going to come to Adelaide first, find a job, rent an accommodation, and just after that the rest of my family will move there because it seems reasonably risky and expensive to go to nowhere with the whole family. Right now, I'm waiting for SA sponsoroship, hope things will have changed by the end of Monday in a positive way.

Good luck!