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      mk paul


      Hello to everyone.
      I live with my wife Nikki and two girls, holly 6 and Millie 2, in Milton Keynes.
      Within the last couple of weeks we have decided its time look into the prospect leaving the UK, with Adelaide top of our list. We are (by the sound of it) at the start of a very long and possibly very stressful road. With the knowledge gained by yourselves, what advice would you give for people like us who are at the very begining.

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      Quote Originally Posted by mk paul View Post
      what advice would you give for people like us who are at the very begining.
      Don't do it

      Welcome to PIA there is loads of stuff on here to help. First of all you need to do a points score and look at what visa you can apply for.

      What trade are you offering Oz? Can you get a perm indie visa?

      Here's a few links to get you going...



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      Hi guys
      Welcome to PIA. Best bit of advice, research, research and more research really.

      Interest is great and forums great too. Have a really good read and then ask away.

      All the best for now

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      its all worth while in the end. And yes its a very long journey, but when you have the visa's its very impressive. Be prepared, the journey is a long and sometimes stressfull one. Not in adelaide yet, but going in June. Not been on a reccie, and our friends think were "of our heads". But going for it anyway, enjoy your ride.

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      hello and welcome to pia

      i see pete has set you up already!
      and i agree with the others: read read read
      maybe go to some meetings - it's nice to talk to the people face to face who go through the same!

      and ask any possible questions you can come up with it!
      there is always someone to answer them!

      oh, and maybe worth getting a free first time consultation from an agent to give you an idea of which path to take!

      good luck!

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      Hi Guys,
      Welcome to PIA.
      The only thing I would say is be prepared for the long wait.
      Good luck


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      Hi guys,

      welcome to PIA, most of it has been said already, but the best bit is definately contact a few agents and let them know both your work histories, as their may be something in there that could be of more benefit than you first thought. You don't have to take the agents up on their offer of them getting your visa, you can do this yourselves if this is the route you want to take, but it's worth speaking to a few as they will all have little bits of information for you and would also let you know what type of visa they would recommend you go on.

      Good luck, it is a long road, but worth it!

      Any other questions, ask away, this site is brilliant and a god send, especially for all the family and friends that you have bored to tears with all the talk, we are all in the same boat and this site is always there when you need it!
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Welcome to the site...as everyone else says we are a friendly bunch, and the site is a godsend!!!! Hope we can help one day!!!

      Dan and Steph
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      mk paul
      Thanks for the replies.
      We are looking into what type of visa we may be able to get. I am an assistant site manager in the house building industry, with NVQ3 qualification. My wife is a home carer, but has only been in the job for 3 months and is just starting her NVQ2.
      We are looking into getting a free consultation with an agent to see if we are eligable.
      Whats everyones views on agents? Do you wish you went it alone or found it hard without one. Are you using someone that you would recommend.
      Sorry for all the questions & thanks for the advice.

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      The Wise Family
      Hi Paul and Nikki. Welcome to PIA. Its a great site. We our hopefully near to getting our visa and selling our house now and its taken a long time but we are sure it will be well worth it in the end. We are hoping to move to Adelaide may/june time if all goes to plan. We live in Newport Pagnell, where abouts are you in Milton Keynes? Gina


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