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      hi guys,
      have been reading this thread with interest as we are going o/h's RMN qualifiation, on a 175 visa. Have a couple of questons though, DJANO states get registered beore skills assesment, sorry for being a bi dumb but register with who? also, is there anything we can do whilst we wait for his registrtion to come through in April? i.e e mail cv to hospitals? As i am aware we cannot apply for a visa as yet
      all advice great recieived.


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      Quote Originally Posted by bookworm64 View Post
      DJANO states get registered beore skills assesment, sorry for being a bi dumb but register with who?
      Whos DJANO????

      Ok Register as a nurse with the NBSA (Nursing Board of South Australia) to do this go to http://www.nursesboard.sa.gov.au/ where you will find what info you need to send them.
      Once you are registered you then only need to do the modified skill assessment not the full monty. Send your skill assessment off to ANMC (Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council) http://www.anmc.org.au/docs/Internat...20original.pdf

      You can just do the skill assessment without first registering but would then have to do the full assessment http://www.anmc.org.au/docs/Internat...07original.pdf

      This is the process http://www.anmc.org.au/docs/Internat...20Purposes.pdf

      You don't need to be registered to be skill assessed or to apply for the visa but it does save money and time on the skill assessment front. Hope this makes sense and helps. Any probs let me know.


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      Amie Briggs
      Thank you so much for the info.Its so difficult to know what to do. Think choosing where i work with an agency is probably the safer option. Will just have to wait a little longer.
      What are the gradings over there? Am currently a 7 (G),not sure what i want to do,not fussy really. Can you do longdays on the agency?
      Hope to hear from you soon
      a very grateful Amie and co

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      Amie Briggs
      Thanks to everyone who has replied to my thread.
      Will let u all know our progress>

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      Oh my God, we're gonna do it

      sorry for my bad typing DJANGO

      thanks for invaluable advice you have saved me hours of sitting in front of the laptop.

      will get on to it straight away

      thaks again

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      i am a rn also (theatres) and i emailed my cvs to hospitals in SA..got positive feedback from most (RAH,QEH,repat, Flinders).....QEH are on a recruitment drive at the mo so was offering sponsorship, but, with 2 kids thought PR would be best..the others all said let them know when i had more def plans.

      we want to go north so the QEH is my 1st choice but they all looked good

      good luck



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