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      Hi Mart

      Welcome to the forum :D

      Only you know the right answer to staying or going but have have only heard good things about the health service in oz so don't think that would be a major problem for you.

      Not there for another 7 weeks so cannot say first hand :D


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      Speaking from personal experience of the Aussie public health care system, I would say they are far far better than the NHS anyday. Obviously other people have their views, but I felt as though the doctors there were actually interested in what i had to say, whereas here in the UK they can't wait to get rid of you. Perhaps a letter from your GP/Specialist would help stating whats wrong with your knee and what still needs to be done (ie physio). Personally I would still go and then arrange your physio through a GP. Just make sure you register with MediCare when you get there to be able to claim some money back.

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      thanks fans for the replies

      well ive read up heaps online about medicare and there doesnt appear to be hidden worries other than the nominal ambulance cover for the family

      i spent 21/2 hrs waiting to see dr then additional 45 mins for pain killers - kinda depressing - go back in 4 weeks mmmm i have to hand notice in mid may god do i dare go for it and arrive with an ongoing injury in the event its not sorted in the u k???

      gotta say staying any longer in my current school doesnt appeal however much i love the place n the kids i teach.........and if weve sold house.....cashed in..........to hell with it im thinking you live once but i need to be fit for work and not teaching pe wud be worse than nibbling a spiders bum :D

      ull get use to my quirky posts

      this forum is fantastic - its worthy of my presence

      stay safe folks keep those lights burning but ill miss my beloved coastline - it will be hard having blue water clean surf and not w earing gloves hat a nd 5 m m

      ...ill get my coat :cry:




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