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      Hi we have just registered to this site as we would like to move to adelaide or near to it, we are currently in Norfolk England, and have our own business in Plant Hire & Groundworks but any certificates my husband has can not be reccognised in Australia, so our agent has said the only way to get over is on a student visa with me goig to college for 20hrs per week and i can work for 20hrs but this also means My husband Steve would only be able to work for 20hrs as well, has anyone done this, is it hard to manage on the money this way as we have 2 boys aged 8 & 6 to consider as well


      Tracey, Steve, Thomas & Harry

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      Hello and welcome.

      I can't help with regard to your questions about studying and working. Just wondering if you have savings to come over with and can cover the costs of the student visa and courses etc. Seems a lot of money to spend but if there is a light at the end of the tunnel in a couple of years it may well be worth it.

      FWIW, 40 hours a week between you with two children, I do wonder if you'd cope financially. You may end up in a small unit someplace and with young kids it might not be ideal.

      Hopefully some others will be along later to give you more info :)

      Good luck.



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