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      SA Sponsorship

      Was wondering if anyone could help out.

      We have to complete the SA Questionnaire form which is the SA Sponsorship form.

      How much information do you need to supply in relation to job searches etc. And if we didn't put enough information could this jeapordise our chances of getting the sponsorship.

      This is particularly worrying as My husband is a Metal Polisher and there doesnt seem to be many jobs around in Adelaide or SA Australia.


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      As we are currently running a metal polishing company in the uk we stated that we would be relocating this to oz and so had not researched jobs which they accepted.

      I think as long as you contact a few polishers just enquiring about work and send copies of the emails you should be fine - this is all most people I know have done. We also said if we could not find work in this field we would be willing to do other jobs. Best of luck with it all :D

      Lisa :lol:

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      sa sponsorship

      Have you had any response to your question about the information required to obtain sponsorship from south aus state ?



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