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      Smile Waiting...........

      Just waiting now... Medicals couriered over- got there today. Police checks sent december. Hopefully our case officer won't take too long in processing the visa. Hoping that as case officer requested the medicals that it will be quick. We have now moved out our house....
      Just wating on visa so I can resign! Husband already resigned from his teaching post....
      Can't wait!

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      another important step done!
      i'll be watching your post to see when your medicals get cleared. we'll have ours next week!!i bet you can't wait to hand in that notice ;)

      good luck!

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      Don't worry Shonagh, if the Aussies accepted me into their country, your application will be a shoe in.

      Mind you, you might have to leave that dodgy hubby of yours at home though. It is a good job the police check doesn't have to go back as far as 1993 because the Detmold police might have something to say:embarrassed:!!

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      Cheeky git! I'll talk to you soon.

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      Congrats on the visa

      I see that you have the visa at last. Congrats! It is such a relief when you get that letter. up until then you are constantly dreading getting turned down. When are you planning on getting here? If there is anything you need when you first get here, we might be able to help you out. After all, Adelaide is only 705kms from us, whats an 8 hour drive when you think of the size of Australia. You will probably be farther away from us over here, than when we were in Belfast, and you were in Cornwall.

      Ahh well, at least the petrol is cheap, get a car that runs on LPG, that only costs 65c a litre.

      All the best, Davy

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      Hi dave ,
      I am sure we can manage some saffron buns! We have booked flights for 14th April and arrive 16th April....Can't wait. I would fly tomorrow!
      See you soon ,
      will be nice to meet you and find out what my husband got up to in a previous life - although do I really wanna know?!


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