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      Just registered!

      We too have just found this site, and I think we are going to be using it loads in the next few months!
      We live in Suffolk at the moment, and are hoping to make a start on our Skilled Visa appliciation soon. We really like the sound of Adelaide, and our 2 children (aged 8 & 5) are keen too (always a good thing!).
      I spent some time in Oz about 13 years ago, mainly around the Melbourne & Sydney areas, and have always said I'd go back one day!
      Lot's to get our head around, eg where to live, getting a job, school for the kids, etc etc, but one step at a time I guess!
      Look forward to chatting soon.
      Rick & Becky

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      Welcome to the site Rick & Becky. Its a great forum with lots of info etc that you will prob find a great help. I sure do.

      We are applying for SIR 495 Visa, and are awaiting reply from TRA Assessment.

      We have two girls aged 6 and 3 who think the idea of Australia sound good. (3 year old to young to understand really).

      Its a long process but worth it we hope.

      Welcome again. Julia :D

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      Hi Rick and Betty

      Welcome to the site :lol:

      We also applied for an SIR 495 which was granted in Feb of this year and we fly out in 6 weeks time via some breathing time in Singapore :lol:

      We have a 4 year old little girl who is very keen to get to OZ and so excited about her new life - wants to meet a koala and kangaroo and have a parrott or three as pets :roll:

      It is a long process and gets stressful at times (OH and myself nearly come to blows on more than one occassion :lol: ) but when you get to the end and get that sticker it is definitely worth it all.

      Good luck with everything!



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