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      Quote Originally Posted by Jay&Tam View Post
      sorry for all the questions already but my heads .....and a bit!
      Hey no appologies for questions thats why the forum is here. ;)

      Welcome to PIA ask away there is always someone able to answer. Good luck on the move downunder.


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      hey good luck with it all...I am waiting for SA to open their recruitment again this year and hope to plod the streets of Adelaide rather than Central London!!

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      Thanks to everyone who replied to my posting, it was really nice to know people are out there at all stages of the process and still loving it!
      Thanks to Ianb and Baldock Grays we will have a look online at ‘Thrifty’ and ‘Red spot’. Dan and Steph looks like we will be in Adelaide at the same time maybe we can arrange to meet up near the end of may to compare notes? Just from looking at maps and researching the area Marino is the area we are most interested in. We are staying in the centre with Adelaide Apartments.
      Thanks Jen & Ian and Rachel for feedback on the area and thanks Rachel for heads up on how expensive the area is, we’ve looked at prices and hopefully with the equity from the house and my own wage on top of the SAPOL wage we should me living as comfortable there as we do here.
      Mozzy, Nick11,louiesmum, Django thanks for the welcome message and KandC good advice on the viewings we will give it a try!!!
      Tinadan let us know how your application goes we too are waiting for the recruitment doors to re-open, looking at past recruitment if all goes well through the application stages intake courses should be around Sept 09 and March 10.
      Thanks again for all who replied if anyone can get back to me on removal companies that would be great, we’ve been quoted by Kellys and Crown for a shared container and it came in around £2300 - £2800, is that what we will be looking at paying no matter who we go with???

      Can’t wait to get there!!!
      Tammey and Jay xx

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      Welcome to PIA!

      Regarding your container - I would get a couple more quotes at least. We had 5 to be on the safe side. Three came in very close together although it ultimately came down to between 2.

      I would also look into how much stuff you are bringing. If you are having a shared container, and it is costing £2800, I personally would fill a container myself - most full containers seem to cost £3500 or there abouts, maybe a bit less.


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      Thanks Libby, considering a full container for the bit extra as it will get there in half the time but i have another company coming out on thurs so i'll see what they have to say.
      Thanks again
      Tammey and Jay

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      Hi Jay and Tammy, Shaun and Nicolette here, we have just received our visas in December 07 after a long wait! We are actually going over to Adelaide in May also, end of May to look at areas etc in the view to live although never visited Adelaide so hoping we will love it!! Have you ever visited Oz? We went last September and spent three weeks travelling around Oz and loved it but never got to Adelaide! Bringing our two kids along this time and visiting friends to see what they think, would be good to hear from you, Regards Nicolette and Shaun {new members also**


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