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      Babies in Adelaide

      New in Adelaide

      Hi we have just moved here from Dubai about 3 weeks ago with two little ones. My daughters are aged 12 weeks old and 22 months. I would be really keen to meet up with any other mums in a similar situation. It's been a tough move with two little ones to a place I have never visited before. My husband was relocated with his company. We have now just rented in the Glenelg north area. I enjoy running and netball, I hope to be able to get into that once my girls are abit more settled. I am missing my buddies so it would be nice to chat to anyone in the same situation


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      If this posts twice apologies as I'm having keyboard problems. Welcome, Claire - I'll try to get my sister in law to contact you as she's been here for over 2 years after 14 or so in Dubai with a 8 yr old and a 17 month old. I'll message her.


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      The ryders in oz
      Hi Clair
      My family and I will arrive in Glenelg on Monday morning!! We are staying in an apartment on the beach front for a couple of nights, to enable us to get the essentials we will be needing for the house we are renting in west beach. We are also moving due to my husbands job. we have a little girl of 6 and a little boy of 3. I'd be more than happy to meet up with you. I can imagine how difficult it's been for you with such young children. It's good to know there are others going through the same experience!

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      Babies in Adelaide
      Thank you that would be great :)

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      Babies in Adelaide
      Happy to meet up with you and the little ones, there is a great park right near where you will be staying. The little ones will love that.I will give you a few days to get organised as I know what the first few weeks are like.....crazy !!


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