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      Red face 6 weeks here

      Hi everyone...myself hubby and 2 kids emigrated here 6 weeks ago! Hubby and son still looking for work so that long process was a bit of a shock,didnt think it wud take soooooo long,on de up side we got a lovely rented house in Golden grove and daughter got into a lovely playschool.Loving de weather and all de trips to de beach,also met some other irish families in de same boat so they hav been a god send to settling down!If de 2 lads get jobs soon everyone will be happy

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      hello there
      paul sara 4 children here we are heading over now in mid jan. getting excited here now about it ,sara has a sister living down by victor harbour had u any trouble finding a house ? and what kind of rent are u paying we are wondering where to live as its very hard trying to do it from here although sara sis wanting to get somwhere for us we would like to have a look around first if that makes sense. anyhow i hop the lads get started soon what do they do ?

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      Seriously wait till u arrive and look around yourself,we stayed we my hubbys bro for 2 weeks and before we camr wud have liked to live close to him,but wouldn live were they do at all,hated it! We decided on a place called Golden Grove...we like it and its got everything shop wise and only ten mins to tea tree plaza which is a huge shopping centre.De down side is we are 40 mins from de beach i like to go to,glenelg,wud luv to live there but for our budget for rent wud only get a dog kennel for it there,its all about location,really depends on wat ur looki for and wat suits ur lifestyle.We pay $370 a week for our gorgeous 4 bedroom,huge family room,seperate sitting-room,double garage and huge back garden,for that budget we cud maybe get a one bed by de beach lol....stay in touch...or add me on FB...Ruth Byron (o'Brien)



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