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      This may be a bit cheeky, but Ive been researching flights to Adelaide via Singapore for January (ish) 2008.

      What would people think are a good price to pay.

      The prices vary loads depending on the airline used and I suppose the time you go.

      Any general ideas about how much would be appreciated.

      Thanks. Julia. :?

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      Generally the prices change to lower fares around about the 16th of Jan.

      Have a look at the before and after prices of this time and it will give you a good idea


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      Hi Julia

      We're going in August, which will prob be a bit more expensive than jan - but just to give you an idea of what we paid........we are flying with singapore airline , 2 adults and 2 children cost 1750 that includes air supplements etc - have got to get travel insurance, but we'll pick something cheap of the t'internet.

      We decided to stay in singapore for 4 nights and total cost including flights, hotel and passes to various attraction is 2150.

      Thought that seemed a good price, we were really pleased with it - we did go through a travel agency, tailormade travel, but I checked on singapores website and came up with exactly same prices.

      speak soon
      Chris, Sarah, Molly & Phoebe - Arrived in Adelaide 21st August 2007, Living in Moana

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      Thanks thats a great help.

      Ive looked at a couple of sites, i.e. Singapore Airlines and Quantas and theve quoted about 4000 + for two adults and two children. May need to do some more research.

      Anyway good luck with your travels. So exiting. Wish we had our Visa and knew we could defo go. :cry:

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      We booked direct on singapore airlines website and paid 1190 for 2 adults and 1 child - priced up for friends today for June and price was 1593 for 3 adults and 1 child so 4000 seems extremely steep to me for one way :shock: might want to phone to check prices !

      Our price was Heathrow - Adelaide with a stopover in Singapore (hotel extra) and includes taxes and surcharges.

      Lisa :D

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      With this new Tax levy on airfares, I have decided to drive down from Belfast to dublin and catch a flight from there to Amsterdam or Frankfurt, and then on to Aus. I would be paying to get from Belfast to Heathrow anyway. so I may as well bypass these UK taxes.


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