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      the hurns

      Hello - First time posting on here

      Hi Everyone
      We are the hurns ...all very new to this !! We lodged our application in June last year on a family sponsored visa so just waiting for a case officer.
      I'm very nervous about all this and would love to hear from people in a similar position! I know it's the right thing to do for my boys but the thought of actually
      doing it is a different story!!
      My husband is a carpenter & I am a hairdresser.

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      Have you any family/friends here? How old are your kids? Have you any idea where you might want to settle?

      Mum (44) Dad (41) and kiddiewinkles

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      the hurns
      hi jo yeah we were out in oz this time last year for 3 weeks we were in perth then adelaide we have family and friends in adelaide!! so thats where we are looking at setteling!!! we have 2 boys 5 and 7!! there very keento make the move as is my husband!! where are you?? julie



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