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Thank you Gill, that has been really invaluable information. Can't thank you enough as no-one else has really answered it. If they flame you i'll protect you! lol
It's understandable that people will be reluctant to name suburbs as undesirable on here because inevitably some members will live in the areas mentioned and start defending them. Adelaide can be slow to change, and a reputation as a rough area can stick long after the reality has changed. Plenty of places that apparently used to be dodgy are now great places to settle, but sometimes they still get listed as undesirable because of their history (also you'd be surprised how many people have an opinion of a place without actually having spent any time there!)

Like others, I'd advise concentrating first on finding a place that allows multiple pets - wherever it is it's likely there'll be someone on here who lives thereabouts and can give a first-hand account of the area. The rest will likely fall into place as you gain familiarity with SA and decide where you want to work and settle long term.

Good luck, Jim