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      My name is Gem and im just starting on the journey to move to aus with my Hubby si!
      So at the moment all we have is plans and ideas with nothing set in stone! lol!

      My Hubby is originally from Adelaide (although he has lived here in sunny england most of his life here!) so we're really lucky to have family out there to help us out! And it also means that getting myself a visa should be a little bit easier! (well thats in theory!lol)

      Like i said we have nothing set in stone, but hope to be out there within the next 2 years to start a new life!

      So any advice you guys have would be a great help, as im only starting to skim the surface as to whats involved in moving there!

      Thanks x

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      welcome gem. my hubs is from adelaide as well and we are doing the spousal visa thingie...almost done, fingers crossed! it's not too bad, and if you have been married for over 5 years, i think, it puts you a bit ahead of the game.

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      Hi Gem

      Welcome. I am in the same position as you. My hubby -Dirk- is originally from Adelaide and has lived in england on and off over the last 20 years. We have 2 kids, it was easy to get the visa, we didn't use an agent, we downloaded application form, medical forms etc from the immagration department website. we started the process in Sept 07 and the visa was acknowledge the beginning of Jan 08, doing it this way saved a lot of time and money. I am coming out on a temp spouse visa has we have been together/married for less than 5 years. I will get permanent visa after 2 years.

      Good luck with your plans.

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      i see you've got lots of help already!

      just another 'hello and welcome to pia'


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