Hi My name is Sam and I moved to SA 5 weeks ago with my husband Ian and My 2 daughters Abi (21) and Steph (19). They were struggling to find new people but after joining PIA they have meet a great group of girls and this is helping them to settle, I am on a roller coaster ride at the moment because I was sponsored to work in and around Adelaide as a childcare manager, however when I have arrived here I have found that my British qualifications which are at degree level are not recognized and the only work I can get at present is unqualified work !!! in Britain I was an area manager of several Children's Centres, so I am feeling as though I am having to start all over again, when in England I was really high up in my profession!!!!

On a more positive note I love the fact I can Jog on Christies beach every morning instead of on my tread mill in a cold damp garage and We have secured a lovely house in flagstaff Hill for 12 months. Just got to find some nice people for barbie get togethers