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      Hi everyone.....

      I am Samina and I'll be arriving to Adelaide in last week of Feb, I was following this forum sine launching of my application and it seems quite interesting and helpful so I decided to register myself, hoping that it would an enthusiastic experience. I am migrating with my hubby and 2 kids (3 and 5 Yrs.). Could anbody has an idea which place or suburb is ideal in Adelaide in terms of accessibility to Malls, schools, gym and other facilities.

      See you there...


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      Hello and welcome.

      TBH it will depend on where you or husband will be working so how far you are prepared to commute, your budget and transport options etc. There are no end of good areas, but it really does need you to have more of an idea of these things. Also some people like to be well out of the city so way down south, others more central. Again, costs and facilities vary. If your husband is going to work in the CBD you don't want to have an hour commute each way potentially so consider how long he is prepared to commute for, then narrow down options to within that distance/timeframe etc


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