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      Hello everyone,

      I'm new to this site and would be grateful of the benefit of your knowledge!

      My husband has been offered a position in Adelaide this week. The company will apply for visas for our family with a view to us moving in the Summer.

      We have three children aged 15,11 and 10. Our eldest child attends an all girls' grammar school here and is currently taking her first module GCSE exams. I think that the subjects that she is studying would fit with the International Baccalaureate and I have been looking at schools on the internet. However, I have been shocked by the cost of school fees as with three children this would be quite an expense! (One school's fees amounted to $22,000)! Do all schools charge?

      My husband's job is in Edwardstown and he said that Seaford and Noarunga may be areas to look at for property and schools but we would consider anywhere in South Adelaide.

      Also, I would be grateful if anyone could give me any information with regard to medical and ambulance cover. My husband is Diabetic so I assume that we would have to pay more for him. Also, both of our boys wear glasses. They are entitled to free tests and glasses in the UK - is that the same in Australia?

      So sorry to bombard you with so many questions - there just seems so much to consider - it is coming between me and my sleep!

      Thank you

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      Hey there,


      I had just typed a long, though at times a bit vague lol, reply before I realised that your visa type could affect school fees, medicine etc so I scrubbed the lot!
      I am sure that there will be many people who can help....I'm afraid I can only be welcoming

      Try not to worry, you have a few months yet (I'm assuming you meant the UK summer, not ours) and it's funny how it really does all fall into place.

      Oh and there are a fair few public schools that offer the IB, including Blackwood High, in Blackwood (surprise!) a southern suburb.

      Good luck,
      LC :)

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      Thanks for your reply LC. The company who have offered my husband a job are arranging our visas. Initially they will look to get a technician's visa for my husband as they want him asap but myself and the children may have to stay here to tie up loose ends. We will eventually follow when the full 457 visa comes through. In any case, my daughter is going to America with her friend's family in June so it will certainly be after that. I am sure that everything will fall into place eventually but if you do think of anything that may help in the meantime I would be very grateful!

      Kind regards,



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