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      Post opportunities in Probation work or related roles

      My husband and I have at last submitted our visa application (176) I am applying on the back of my HR experience which is a skill in demand. We are worried about job prospects for my husband who is an experienced probation officer. Has anybody else got experience of the job market in Adelaide in relation to work for probation officers. I beleive that in Oz they are known as Correctional Officers?

      Any advice you can give will be greatly appreciated.


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      The Dept of Correctional Services provides similar services to probation. They provide a wide range of services in the criminal justice system including custodial/prison services, community correctional services and programs. The best place to look is the correctional services (SA) website but you may want to look at a prison officer role as well as probation as i believe theyve been recently recruiting. Ive just started with the dept and love it - well worth the move. Good Luck :-)



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