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    Thread: Could anyone give me an idea re: costs!!

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      Costs so far have been £1000 for my visa and £700 for fiancées visa, £600 each for flights, and £250 to ship our stuff out.

      Here we spent about $1000 furnishing our place with stuff we left behind, and probably about $500 in other miscellaneous costs for swapping licences, ambo insurance etc.

      Bargain compared to everyone else lol!!

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      Laura mai
      Hi to all! I too am also interested in how much money we need to save/bring to Australia? We are currently moving ro a smaller, cheaper house to save up some money. My husband is currently working with an agency and doing his skills test. (simplyvisas?) I think he's hoping for a sponsored visa, otherwise we (husband, myself and two toddlers), will be coming out on the 175? Obviously we need to save enough for flights, renew of passports, visas, shipping of furniture etc. but I'm wondering will we need money in the bank also? And does anybody hae an idea of how much temporary accommodation is out there? We will be renting eventually. so I guess will also have to save for deposit ect? So many questions, sorry. Just keen to find out and get the ball rolling!
      Many thanks in advance for any replies!

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      Hi if youre on a 175/176 you will obviously need visa money, flights and shipping (containers or boxes- try sevenseas/pickfords etc), insurance on shipping and travel insurance (go walkabout we used).

      There are no checks done on money in the bank for state sponsorship or anything but the more the better obviously but depends on how you can make do. We booked 2 weeks holiday let (3 bedroomed) about $550 a week (this was january so it was height of the summer- you can probably get cheaper) and i wouldsay 2 weeks in holiday let would be the minimum needed- we looked at and got our long term rental on the thursday/friday and moved from holiday let the monday morning!!

      You can get 2 bedroomed apartments for $250 ish a fortnight but that would be fairly basic, bond is under $1000 if rental per fortnight is under $250, bond goes to around $1500 if $255 plus a fortnight and keeps going up! Check out realestate.com for an idea.

      Initial set up- ambulance cover $133 for a family (i think) food is similiar priced as UK in my experience, we went to kmart/big w (check out online) and got the basic household bits needed- cheap!

      It will all depend on how quickly you/oh get aussie $$ coming in- I would make sure you have a few months rent plus bond and living money to see you through in case jobs dont come too quickly... agencies here take ages!! Depends on the jobs youre looking for.

      Shout if more info needed :)


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