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      Hi Everyone from the North East - its about time there became more of us. When I first registered on this site, Jan/Feb last year there was only me. Boo Hoo.

      Anyway were from Sunderland, and there are a few others too from around this area, wont mention where but black and white, red and white seem to be a commen theme there.

      Anyway there is a few of us who have met up a couple of times, and Im sure we could all arrange a nother meet up. We tend to meet at Brewsters on Wessington Way as its central just off A19. In Sunderland, so easy for everyone from Middlesbrough up to Blyth way.

      Let me know what everyone thinks, and we can try and arrange a meet up.

      Just to let you know were of the Auz in 13 weeks. OMG im so exited.

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      got a canny bit family in hetton gary n geoff lee,viv n val all cousins n good old aunty jean

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      hi jools barmyarmy here still wanna meet everyone .tina off the week starting 7th april if thats ok with you

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      Hi there

      Wait for us getting back from Adelaide on the 9th and we can fill you in on our gory details lol.

      Looking forward to meeting some new faces.:p

      Kimberley x

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      good idea make it the friday night so i can av a drink too

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      Hi Jools - can't believe you've only got 13 weeks to go... you could be our official north east meeter & greeter cos no one else will understand us :v_SPIN:

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      HI We are from Hamsterley near Conset and are planing to go to Adelaide in 3 weeks time for a reccie so let us know if there is anything we can check out for you while we are there! Kay

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      Hi Kay,

      we go Sunday, when do you arrive maybe we can meet up

      Kimberley x

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      So guys got any dates sorted yet. Are we going for the 5th April or what???

      Lets make a date and if anyone can attend great. If not, then we could always arrange another date and time.

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      :)hi jools - sorry I can't make that date - I'll just have to make the next one, but everyone who goes please enjoy the night!

      p.s. this is Lynne by the way,aka Carmen but i can't log out!


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