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      Right - I'm back now from the mind of a 10 year old - are u there barmy has anything been sorted?

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      i believe sat 5th is best for most who r interested cant make it till about 6ish as tina at work n needs to clean up so if thats ok get in touch on here or pm

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      me again not bothered about the 5th the next week is better for me n tina as she on holiday that week so anyone interested decide

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      Hi All

      So how about Saturday 12th about 4pm at the Wessington in Sunderland. How is that for everyone. 6 is a bit late for people bringing kids (poss)

      Kimberley x

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      suits me better & would love to have you as the guest presenter ,4pm fine as both me & tina off work ,hope you have a great trip ,cant wait to hear about adelaide as we now having second thoughts as i,ve shown tina pictures of a huntsmen spider

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      Thats enough to change anyones mind. Not looking forward to comming across any spiders bigger than a 50p piece.

      Okay so I will leave it to you you Barmy. Hopefully everyone or almost everyone can make that date.

      See you all doon

      Kimberley x

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      Count us in see you all there.


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