Let me introduce ourselves again to theforum, We started the process off to move to adelaide back in 2007and we were granted our visa SIR475 in 2009 but due to tragic familycircumstances we had to let the visas expire, and didnt validatethem.
So we decided to forget about the wholeaus thing and we did for a while, until a couple of months ago Iredid the points tests again which resulted in a call from the visacompany.
I'm now on the skills shortage listwhich I wasnt before so I can now apply for a state sponsored 176visa which apparently is a better visa compared to the SIR

So my question to you all what benefitsare there to having a residency visa over an SIR visa.

We also have a choice of states, SA, WAand NSW, but because we have been to adelaide we are drawn to maybegiving it another go, we didnt fall in love with adelaide but wedidnt dislike it either if that makes sense!

Info on the visa would be appreciated