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      New and full of questions :)

      Hi I'm Dee, nice to meet you all.

      Not yet started the process as undecided on route, have two kids, a 19 studying law, and 15 budding rockstar/guitarist.

      I'm self employed and my business will carry on where ever I am based.
      Trying to look at IT Skills assesment as I have no formal qualifications in IT and am self taught.

      I have qualifictaion to a good level- but not in an in demand area or IT.

      I'm not turning over enough to go on a straight business visa, so although I have an income and won't need a job- may still have to find one to get over. But what I make keeps us all in the UK and thats with a mortgage.

      Have contacted a few agents but getting really confused. They all seem to say something different and offering different advice:)

      Am looking at Adelaide, so I can buy and be mortgage free and it looks like a good 'on the up' area.

      Have a lot of relatives in Auss- but in the form of cousins, grandparents brother sister etc. They are mostly in Perth however where house prices are high and they are not i'm told issueing IT visas.

      Strangely we have no relatives left in the UK- most have gone off to sunnier climbs.

      Apart from working out what visa to go for, we need to live in an area within stricking distance of Uni/City for the kids and for my daughter to work in law later on.
      No idea right now what my son will do- he's keen on watersport- bright as a button but I never see him with a desk job myself :)
      I come from London and would like to live in an area with a bit of life.
      So looking for suggestions on area too.

      Can anyone advise if they feel it will make a difference to people being friendly as I'm not half of a couple but a single mum with two kids (partner passed away 7 years ago)
      Will that in anyones view make it a little more difficult to be accepted or make friends?
      I'm a friendly person, just ask out of interest.

      Any info would be great, cost of living, cars, areas, meeting people, socializing any thing really!

      I have heared mixed thing about Adelaide- but as house prices, and visa's for IT people are being issued there, looked like a good place to start.

      PPS. Are there any 3 beds in nice areas around $250k mark still?


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      Hi Dee, welcome to PIA.

      Well for a start, we are a friendly bunch on here. We won't do any back biting but we may pull your leg from time to time.;)

      From personal experience I've found Adelaide to be a friendly place, from the workers who pack your shopping for you to the passer by as you walk along these beautiful beaches.
      Adelaide is a pretty laid back, chilled place and it does rub off on you.

      As for houses around the $250,000 mark. Yes they are still available! Try looking on www.realestate.com.au around the Woodcroft and Morphett Vale areas if you want to live South of Adelaide.

      Enjoy the bumby visa journey!

      Judi x

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      hello dee and family and welcome to pia

      seems like you have a plan!!!
      i can't help you with the IT side though and i am not sure if you can get a visa nowadays without a 'proper' qualification. so i guess it means read read and read even more for you ... unless of course you find someone nice on here who's done all the reading for you ;)

      if you want to learn more about adelaide this site says it all


      have fun!


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