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      hi my name is laura and im 22 years old and my partners name is anthony and he is 26 after giving birth to our son 7 months ago we have been dreaming of a bettern life for us most importantly our baby leon ! my partner is a bricklayer and has been for 10 years now fully qualified for 8 years and we know we would have a great chance getting a visa with his trade !! basically we are still reserching where the ebst place to emigrate to is! adalide is tops at the moment so wa just wanting any information that will help and if anyone could tell me if me and leon would get over on our partners visa or would we have to apply for our own because we are not married !! anyways hopefully be in adelaide one day xxx

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      hello and welcome to pia

      if adelaide is your goal then you are in the right place
      firstly check out www.adelaidebound.com

      and in regards to your question: i don't think you have to be married; but you'll have to prove your de-facto relationship. i think like any statements you have in the same name; letters from friends and relatives; maybe photos - everything that shows that you are together just like being married.

      i am sure someone will know more about it and can give better advice!

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      thanks alot i will check that out!!! oh my partnert hhas asked if anyone would be able to tell us the wages of bricklayers in adelaide and if you could live comfortably on them and if anyone knows about self employment there and the wages as he has been self employed here for about 6 years

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      Hi Laura, Anthony and Leon

      Welcome to PIA, can't answer your question with regards to a brickie's wages but someone will be able to and I'm pretty sure you'll get a lot of responses to help you on your way.

      Just wanted to say Hi and Welcome
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Hi Laura,
      Welcome to PIA
      I know you do not have to be married as when we started our application we weren't (we decided to take the plunge after 14 years and 4 kids together)
      You will need to do a form specifing how you met, how long you are together, any financial committment together ie mortgage, proof of living together etc. Our agent told us to make it quite detailed
      Hope this helps a bit

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      Hi and welcome to PIA!

      We are in a "de-facto" relationship and everyone else is quite right. We had to provide bills in joint names (Council Tax etc), references from good mates/family members stating we were together for years and not just to get a visa and rental agreements in joint names. All of which is quite straight forward if you have been together for a while and living together.

      Don't be scared, they just want to know you are a real couple and not just looking to get a visa.

      Hope that all helps

      Traci x


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