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      Cool Advice needed for a new member...

      Hello Poms in Adelaide,

      It has been my dream for several years now to move to South Australia but am having no joy talking my wife into such a move. We are both 45 years old and live on the Wirral in northwest England. I currently work a general maintenance job (navvy!) but have just recently all but secured a position with the NHS in the Community Equipment Service in Liverpool. My wife has been a registered nurse for over 20 years and has been a community nurse for the last 8 of them. It is, therefore, her visa that would get us to Oz.

      I would like to ask some general advice about which visa (State sponsored, skilled migrant etc) would be best for us to look at - (we are assuming here that I can talk Kate round in the next couple of years!)

      Having done some preliminary research I believe that we should be okay up until the age of 50 and her experience should be a substitute for a degree which neither of us have.

      Does anyone have any experience with community nursing, possibly RDNS, for her or Domicillary Equipment Service (for me) in SA? Is the lot of a community nurse a happy one? If I can show my wife that we can achieve positions similar to those which we will (hopefully) be occupying in a year or two then it would help my cause greatly. It is my daydream that we could both find these sorts of positions.

      Also, I have been eyeing up the Australia Expo in Manchester at the end of March but before I commit I would like to hear some thoughts about these events.

      And finally.....how much does the process of migrating actually cost? (Agents, skills checks, visa applications etc).

      I look forward to hearing from anyone with advice, the temperature here is marginally above freezing and the Barossa Valley is still a long way away! : )


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      Hi Chris,

      I to am a nurse but i work in a hospital. I do have a degree but it wasn't what i entered the register on so i don't actually think it counted, but sent my certificate away anyway. I claimed 5 years work experience for my points and we went on a 176 application. Don't know what the community side of things is like...i'm sure someone will be able to help you on that though.

      In terms of costs (and these are my figures) Agent in total cost 2850 (made payable in two installments, IELTS Exam 115 (your wife will need this for her skills assessment, this is paid for each exam if it needs repeating due to failing), ANMAC skills assessment 530, To get all my documents certified for skills assessment 120 (justice of the peace, then documents dont need resigning when she comes to get her APHRA registration), NMC 34 (they need to send info straight out to Oz), Uni Transcript 60 (this also needs to be sent direct from uni) (NMC and Transcript are both needed for the skills assessment), Medicals 666 (family of 4...being a nurse she will need the more expensive medical as well), Police Checks 70....VISA application 2000...thats 6445....without shipping etc....and i have probably missed things out....so costs quite a bit when its put like that! OH actually there is APHRA as well....can't remember what that was about $250.

      Some people on here have done it without an agent, it might be worth asking how they have found the process.

      BONUS is that State sponsorship costs nothing!


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      I'm afraid I can't help with the jobs front, but wanted to chip in to say Hi! and that if you are at the start of your journey, and you are bringing someone else along for the ride who knows nothing as it were, the expo is a really good idea. I had researched Oz quite a bit, but my hubby knew nothing at all, we went along to the Brum Down Under Live show and it was really really helpful for hubby, as the back to back seminars about a variety of things really helped give him a lot of info in a short amount of time and actually answered most of the questions he had. There are lots of exhibitors that imho give you lots of info when you are first starting out with your journey as well - shipping, banks, migration agents, job agents and so on.

      The costs of the visa process for us was rather low, but I believe we were lucky in that my skills assessment (AISTL, for teachers) only cost 300 I think, which is a lot lower than a lot of other assessing bodies. Other than that we paid 550 for our meds, 70 for Police checks, 115 for IELTS test and 1900 for the actual visa, so under 3K for the whole thing from start to getting visas, and then another 1400 for shipping and 1200 for one way flights. We didn't use an agent, as for teachers it is very easy indeed and straightforward, and would do it all again exactly the same, it really wasn't any hassle at all - but then again, it might be harder for nurses, I just have no idea about other skills/qualifications/jobs at all I'm afraid :)

      HTH a bit :)
      Our 33,000km ish trip around Oz - have a look here (also good for tips on equipment and holiday places ) Our moving and living here blog :)



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