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      hello again

      g'dat everyone

      its pete and family after r trip to adelaide (WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE)

      we stayed in the north side near highbury the people are very nice and better then we thought and i enjoyed going down to the local soccer sides in the community as i football coach in u.k so i could get involved and on match days the familys were very friendly

      we visited the beaches which are lovely and shops were great for debbie and my daughter we are planning another trip in july and we are looking for any holiday homes so we could get use to living in a house or flat in the adelaide area and do r own food shop so we can see how we handle living for a month

      aswell we would like to try and find more things to do as a family and look at the schools for my daughter and what are the good areas to settle in

      i no i have gone on but there r so many questions to be answered for r move


      murphy family

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      hello and welcome

      2 trips in a row?!?! have you applied for you visa yet?? where are you with that now?

      and you really should give us more details of your recent trip - you know, there are lots who haven't been out there just yet ;)


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