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      Where to start???? Step by step.

      Hi all, me and my wife and 3 children have been talking about emigrating to Adelaide since 2007. My wifes father lives in the city and we fell in love with the place! So where to start?? Well.... we have... after all this time decided that the first port of call is to get my skills assessed. I have both an NVQ level 2 and NVQ level 3 in Painting and Decorating and have also worked as a Site Manager of a primary school for the past 7 years and had my decorating business since 2007. Is this the first place that I should start? TRA? Any help would be great!

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      Providing you have calculated up your points and know that you meet the basic requirements for your skill your doing the right thing.

      IMHO the order is

      calculate the points you have
      choose the VISA that suits your situation best.
      Identify the list of items you need to get ie Skill assessment, IELTS
      Collate evidence of employment history, qualifications, etc
      Organise Your Skills any IELTS (if needed)
      State Sponsership (if needed)
      Police check

      Seems a lot but as it spread over several weeks/months it just gets easier at each stage.

      IrishStew (OH)

      IrishStew (OH)

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      Hi, thanks for the reply. Do I need to take the IELTS? Also how in depth do you have to be with your skills assessment application?



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