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      Wink Skilled Trade Visa Carpenter/Joiner Newbies


      Me and my partner are in the process of applying for a Skilled Trade Visa so we can emigrate to Adelaide. OH is a joiner here in the UK so a carpenter in Adelaide I guess. We have just found out about the whole licensing issue and that it costs another arm and a leg on top of actually getting to Australia in the first place.

      Anyway, we really, really, really wanna emigrate and have really been through the mill with the whole visa application process due to all kinds of stumbling blocks. We have one more hurdle to get over then it is time for police checks and medicals so I am trying not to worry about the 1=AUD$2 at the moment or the licensing thing and all that cos what's the point until we get the visa.....

      Anyway, sorry this isn't the most optomistic "HI THERE" post but I think reality is kicking in now we are actually looking at the monetary aspects in more detail. How can anyone afford anything these days?

      If we can have at least the same quality of life in Adelaide as we have here then we will be happy. OP makes great money here but the taxman takes it all away and then wants more when the self assessment tax forms are complete!!! I know tax is high in Oz too but at least if we find a nice suburb where you can leave your house after dark, that is bonus number 1!!!

      Seriously, we are mortgaged to the hilt over here and only have a 2 bed terraced house with basic home comforts but OP still has to work his a$$ off and then when he gets home we can't go anywhere unless you take the car and then pay to go to the cinema or pub or whatever cos there's nowhere "free" to go and although there are cycle paths in our area, no one uses them (who has any local knowledge) as you are more likely to encounter a phsychopath than a cyclepath or a dead body!!!!! Ah well, fingers crossed a bit of Adelaide sunshine will lift our spirits!!!

      No one will want anything to do with me now!!! Don't worry, OP makes up for me

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      Welcome to PIA!!! You will find loads helpfull stuff on here!!

      Dont worry about being optimistic.... we all have the same worries about this enormous move!!! That what sites like this are for... !!!

      Good luck with all!

      Dan and Steph
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!


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