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    Thread: Here's Johnny

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      I know, but (I think) it works out cheaper if he gets sponsored. On australia.org it seems to say that for a sponsored visa you just pay the initial application fee, rather than the full whack for the independant visa??
      We are trying to do this ourselves also without an agent as we know we qualify because of his occupation - so for the sake of someone else doing the paperwork we couldnt really afford to get an agent... although I know they know the process inside out which obviously is a big plus. Aside from money - it seemed more straight forward to be sponsored (less to cock up this end!!)
      As always any suggestions much appreciated....:)

      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel M View Post
      We cant apply for our visa until we know whether the hospital that is sorting a job out for OH is going to sponsor us or not. quote]


      Why wait for sponsorship? As a nurse your other 'arf will pick up enough points to qualify for an independant/permanant visa (175) and therefore be able to pick and choose where he works?


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      Hi guys,
      welcome PIA, you will enjoy the site and get some good hints and advice
      Good luck with application

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      hi mozzy

      I am a self tought landscaper my dad has shown me all he knows as he has been a gardener for 30yrs and I have been doing it for around 10yrs now. I have owned my own landscaping firm for around 3yrs now. The TRA are not accepting applications from self tought trades man until until the end of march at the moment for some reason or another. So basically we are right at the START so any information will be very helpfull folks


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