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    Thread: New to all this

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      New to all this

      Hi All,

      We are planning on emigrating to oz A.S.A.P. however we have never been and would appreciate any advice going. Our other major issue is that our oldest daughter (aged 7) was born with a congenital cataratct and has to use contact lenses. Also I am dyslexic and over weight. On the positive side (I think) my husband is an accountant. Any advice/ help would be gratefully recieved.

      Thanks a lot ali[/list]

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      Hi Ali

      welcome to the site :lol:

      Are you using an agent or going to do the application yourself?

      I don't think from what you have said that these are major health issues that would effect your application. Wishing you the best of luck and there are loads of lovely people on here to call on for advice and support :lol:


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      Welcome to the site :lol: :lol:

      I shouldn't think you'll have too much of a problem, they don't appear to be major medical issues.


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      Hi Ali 8)

      Welcome to the site, theres loads to read & they cover a wide range of Qs to help you with the process from the very beginning to arriving in sunny Aus 8)

      Just wanted to say HI to Jane to, pm me as I have not seen any replies recently from you, up until now that is, hope all is ok :)

      Good Luck

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      Hi and welcome to the site.

      We are in early stages of applying. This is a brilliant site with lots of useful information.

      Good Luck.


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      Hi Ali

      We also used Go Matilda and they were fantastic with us so will be able to help you along the way with your queries - we found them quick to answer any queries no matter how large or small.

      Have you looked into the cost of the lenses in oz? Might be worth checking out in case they do ask anywhere along the line - shows you are prepared.

      We are migrating to Adelaide and fly out 5 weeks today :shock: Looking forward to a few days chilling in Singapore before hitting the ground running :lol:


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      Hi lisa,

      Wow 5 weeks! Have you managed to get everythig organised ok? We are very impressed.

      Its good to hear from someone else who has used Go Matilda as whoever you pick it is a bit of a stab in the dark. We spoke to quite a few and the prices and services differ by such a wide amount that we just plumped for Go Matilda because the guy that runs it is an accountant like Morgan.

      We have tryed to gt as much information as we can about the costs related to Meggie's eye. We have a letter from her consultant stating exactly what her problems and status are,but he refused to commit himself on a cost basis. We have also spoken to specsavers who spoke to the company that produces Meggie's lenses and they have said that they charge 39 per lens to a private buyer (she has one every 2 weeks). We also spoke to our local optician who reckoned he could source them for 20-25 per month. So we think we are on the cusp as to whether they will accept us or not.

      However, when we thought about it we figured if they say no we will have no regrets but if we dont go for it we will allways think what could have been.

      Can I ask you how you settled on Adelaide and if you've had any major problems along the way?

      Ali [/img]

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      Hi Ali

      Adelaide kind of settled on us as this is where we could get the points for a visa but now feels like home and we are not even there yet :lol:

      Am not very organised at the moment - spend most of my time running round like a headless chicken but it will all fall into place in the end :roll:

      I would be very surprised if your daughters eyes will affect your medicals if her eyes will create no 'financial burden' to the aussie healthcare system as I guess you would have to pay for her lenses.

      We have had no problems (just little ones like 3 case officers!!!!) along the way and have been incredibly lucky in that we got our visa just short of 9 months of signing up with Go Matilda and starting everything off.

      It is a rollercoaster but well worth the ride!


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      hi Lisa

      We dont pay for meggies lenses in UK for a few reasons
      1.she has no natrual lense of her own
      2.her lenses are that strong they are not manufctured comercialy
      3.she wears the lense for medical reasons

      we would however be open to financing that ourselves but we are struggeling to get people to give us straight information

      However she has an appointment at the hospital on friday (We might be able to stop patchig after 7 1/2 years ) So if I can get rid of meg for a short time (the kids still arnt awear of our plans) Imight be able to get some more information.

      How did you manage to get throug three case worker?

      YOur visa seems to have come through quite quickly.
      Enough to give anyone the the colly woobls


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      No idea how we managed to get 3 CO's :shock: our visa was very quick although did not seem it during the process :?

      Good luck with all the info gathering - might be worth checking on the medicare sight to see if you would be covered or have to pay for the lenses yourself, or your agent may be able to advise.

      Lisa :lol:


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