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      Lloyd family

      Moving to Adelaide

      Hi there,

      Came across this forum and found it great. We moved from Yorkshire just over three years ago, I had never been to Australia before but we came and we stayed. We have been living in the Blue Mountains region of Sydney since we arrived. Although we have been here a while we have found it difficult to make friends as no one ever seems to go out, and i have not come across a forum like this to meet people. Anyway my husband has had an offer of a job in Adelaide, so now its time to make another decision. We have two boys, 11 & 6 and I was just looking for opinions on what its is like there to meet people and whats for the kids, etc.


      Leonore :D

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      Hi Leonore

      Welcome to the site :lol:

      All the people that we have met through forums that live in Adelaide have always been extremely friendly and we are always reading of meet ups and gatherings of some sort so it certainly looks friendly enough :lol:

      Will experience it myself next month but from my point of view Adelaide seems to be a very friendly city (both poms and aussies) with a great family atmosphere. I am sure the members that live in Adelaide will be along soon to give you their experience first hand 8)


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      Hello Leonore, just wanted to say welcome to you & the family :)

      I am hopefully in the final stages, awaiting the visa..........its been a bit of a wait to hopefully not much longer

      We have 2 boys aged 10 & 6 to, they loved the Blue Mountains, we visited last April, my friend has an appt on Manly Beach, we stayed with her for 5 days

      Good luck
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      Hi Leonore

      When you arrive, drop a post on here and we'll arrange a meet up. :P

      Hope the move goes well. The Blue Mountains is a beautiful area. Which suburb are you choosing to live?




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