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      Arriving end of April

      Hi y'all

      Just got my 457 visa this morning and due to start a new job in Adelaide on 1st May. My apartment in Edinburgh is nearly sold, then I can book the flight. Woohooo! Going to be staying in Goodwood for the first three months and keen to meet as many new folk as I can, so maybe meet some of you soon. Never been to Adelaide before and I know nobody there, so I'm always going to be keen to meet for a beer or two!


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      Hi Daubs,

      So jealous, we're just waiting for skills assessment before submitting our 475 visa application. Might be another year before we're in your shoes. I'm 33, a Sales & Marketing Manager (engineering) and my OH is 28 & an Auto Electrician (bus & truck). We're wanting to emigrate to get a better lifestyle and start a family. By all means, if that sounds up your street, let me know and I'll give you our details so we can keep in touch (maybe on facebook?). We also know nobody in SA, have never even visited but have done heaps of research and just know it's the right move for us. Nice to encounter someone equally adventurous. I also recommend joining the AdelaideNow group on facebook; you get useful updates on local news stories and events.
      Have you had a look on LinkedIn for future colleagues or people working in the same industry in Adelaide? That's one thing I found really useful in finding potential friends. It may seem strange to randomly approach people but, in my book, shy bairns get nowt.

      Good luck!

      Jess (& Kevin)

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      Hi Damian, where in Edinburgh are you? I'm in Bruntsfield. Flying out in August. We're thinking of Goodwood too. Do you have a rental there already?CheersSimon

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      We live in Goodwood and have done for over .....well.....let's just say a good many years. It is a brilliant spot.....close to Goodwood Road shopping and King William Road (if you are into shopping boutiques) and a couple of nice pubs. The transport is excellent - with buses and Trams. Wayville is right next to Goodwood so also look there. Although if you are too close to the Showground it can get a bit noisy when there is an event. Clarence Park, Clarence Gardens. Forestville & Blackforest are also nearby so check out the rentals there - although if it is Goodwood you want then some parts of those other suburbs can be a bit of a distance to walk to Goodwood.



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