Hi all,

My Fiance and I have been in the motions of applying for permanent residency for the last year but held back due to the cost and the promise of a job via an agent who would get us over on a 457 visa.

That agent hasn't even got me a sniff of an interview!!

So here I am asking for advice, We can now afford to apply for PR and get State sponsorship due to my trade qual's.

I have around 17yrs experience as a Carpenter and run my own firm at present. I will have to get Vetassessed but have no worries about that, more worried about the job situation at the moment in Adelaide.

I have around 5yrs shopfitting experience and get the impression that would be my best chance of a job.

If there is anyone out there who is looking for a Carpenter then I would be extremely grateful to hear from you, I would also be willing to fly out there for a couple of weeks to demonstrate my skills. All I would ask is for some accommodation and food, I will work for free if there was a promise of a good job.

I would prefer to come over on a 457 then apply for PR once I am more established.

Any advice would be gratefully recieved,