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      Hello :)

      My first post HI

      I have wanted to move to Australia for years.My wife didnt want to leave her family. Some have now died and moved away.The UK is the pits now.Economy is BAD everywhere.My wife is a midwife and even the NHS hospital where she works is asking nurses to take unpaid leave etc :(
      We are now ready to move. Nothing here.I will miss the beauty and history of the Uk, but living here is bad.

      I wanted to come over on holiday, which is the obvious choise. For 5 of us it would cost about 6k. 6k that would go towards the move. My cousin is in Adelaide and loves it.Only him and partner so quite an easy move. We have years of junk.My wife wants to try it for 2 years.I said that we would loose thousands of .Cant store the things we have for 32 years, it would rot etc.
      My wife would get work easy.I am unskilled, so work would be harder to find.Whats worse is that I earn more than my wife and she is skilled. I used to be a semi skilled mechanic but that wouldnt qualify in ozz.Dont want to do it any more anyway.I have had a friend come back to the Uk after 10 years in Queensland.He found work hard to find, as it was given to locals first.
      Is there a link to all the costs..visa, shipping etc

      Thanks Duncan

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      I would really advise having job offers first, we came here last year, my husband is a teacher and has not been able to get a permanent position, i already had a job offer, but you are right with work beign haerd to get, and especillay takes a long time to get your foot in the door, this can be sole destroying, much easier if you had work lined up and got into a routine straight away, also less of a financial stress. adelaide is lovely for family life, but most people on here would agree its a bit clicky and this can get you down if your always getting knock backs from work. when we left the uk in 2003 we sold everthing at car boot sales etc... and started all over again in nz, bad mistake it has tooks years to recup everything, when we left nz last year to come here we brought everything and that was the best choice for us. will you be renting out your uk home?

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      Hi Duncan, probably the most important thing is that you really have to want to come over badly. We were both totally sick to death of the UK, work, weather, future propects, constant doom & gloom on the news etc. We are a couple with no kids, even so I would say there is no such thing as a straightforward move, its a massive thing. Although its an English speaking country, things are very different here, maybe more so than expected. Work wise things are slow here, I haven't worked yet but partner got job quickly. There is probably an element of Aussies looking after their own, but you have to remember unless you've had your skills assessed and crossed over they mean nothing to them. Also a lot of Poms go home, so employers can be less sure you will be a good bet.
      Our attitude was basicly, go for it, if we crash & burn, we crash & burn. Easier with no kids I know, but so far no regrets.
      Holiday wise, unless your loaded save the money. Don't know of any costage sites, but I would estimate 15k for visa, flights, initial holiday accomm, container etc. Ouch!
      Good luck, Darren.


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