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    Thread: pearly whites

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      Yip, i totally agree. I see your lads are getting to that self consious age...oh i'm so glad i'm still young enough to make an effort and old enough to not worry too much, (tee hee when Fiona reads this she'll be laughing to herself and thinking...."ya mean ...slob".I do know it's a very expensive treatment though so perhaps it would be better to see about it at this side of the big pond, you may get help from the family tax credit, i'm sure kids get free treatment???? worth a try ??? good luck Stu.

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      My eldest whos 11 still has her baby teeth!! She will need an op to remove them and have the new ones pulled down!!!This means that some of her teeth are growing at sideways angles. Think we might have to add that one to the mortgage!An opration and braces= big money!
      My lad lost most of hisleft hand side teeth to an accident when he was 3 - which again means his teeth will be growing at ridiculous angles, when they eventually come through! He may need an operation to correct this as well.
      If it were purely cosmetic - then I would think twice. However - as it may effect their health - then we'll have to pay for it
      Personally I think I think health care for children should be free. Let the adults fend for themselves -but with kids it's different. They are at the mercy of the person whos paying the bill!

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      The Lengtons
      need details of the george clooney lookalike dentist pleaseeeee!! on a serious note, some need braces but not for cosmetic reasons, my daughter needs braces as her to teeth are turning in and will start scraping the bottom teeth, cant put a price on that.

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      Quote Originally Posted by stufi1997 View Post
      So whats wrong with afew squint teeth anyway????I don't know anybody with perfect teeth and it's all character.We are all getting a bit too yankee nowadays(no offence men't).And anything cosmetic is just asking to be ripped off.my kids teeth were all squinty until they grew into them!!!!!!
      oh i so won't talk about english teeth;) no offense meant either.

      on a serious note, we need a good dentist when we get back too, so if anyone cares to share details....we'd be mighty 'preciative...yeee-haa
      US -> UK -> NZ -> OZ


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